Wednesday, June 27, 2007

donno what to say but ..

been a while
since i was in a high.
now is this crisis?
where are inspirations?

joyous,furious,mood less,
what what,how dubious
i am!now where is the pen
and well when can i -when?

oblivious i am but guilty too!
oh!dear,now i am lost too!!
what can i do?what is to be done?
are small loses so much to run?

oh! no,what can i do?
i miss so much,paradox
i miss that which rox,
what can i do?

so since a past
in this vast
earth,i search,
and was on the verge,
but just about it,blasphemously
there-oh! good god,magically
it appeared!
i know it is weird,
but ho!insanity is the heart of mankind.
be kind,
i know you are.
well well i do care
so please! be kind i say,
not in a malevolent way,
but benevolent in all kind!
oh care for life,for all thats
nature too!even humans
remember we are a part of it too!
don't mock with boo!
it hurts all but a few!
well i know you knew!
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