Thursday, June 28, 2007

got carried away again

on the last isle ,
stood a man.There
at the end of the
earth he stood.
Upon the eyes
of the spirit which
came in front,he stared.
with all his might and
clairvoyance he stood up,
to it.The vapor,unmoved,
stared back with such intent,
that it would have ceased the life
of any man.But he was not any man,
he was some man.So with no fear
he stood and stared back more than ever.
upon the scene the imaginations of the
two- ones as virtual as it self and the others
virtual on this plane and dimension.

"so what fear?"
"none so thus.I am a human
and thus shall my skin burn
on a day-but it is as set as
alls and how yours did,
fear is all but a feeling."
"if i were death?"
if you were death,
then i bid,the world
bye.transient is nature
and so too am i.As my nap
comes,i depart and leave
this dimensional world.
for what may come and what
may not,i will have to keep
leaving and departure is hared
to swallow that arrival but
what yonder ,it is what
perishes."if i were more than
that,to steal your soul and lambast
in every evil way?"" i weep for
you then.All is illusion and so is
my skin.Never will you be able to
rid the barrier, my mother's cover
and touch me as such.If such ambitions
still lie,then i have great regret,for
vapors,which are more nature,
must know better.""if i say i have your
love-your heart and all that you own?"
"my love shall and will live in me.
My faith in it,shall keep it so close,
that no fable or retarded plan can break it.
If steal you do,the nexus is so strong that,
it would take more than a few worlds to do thus.
"i f i were all those in a animongus
and blown up appearance?"
"than i fight.For what is mine,is mine.
but rather shall not.Everything is one,and
what your hands touch is as much as yours as
it is mine.""what if i steal your faith and leave
you to suffer the dreaded hands of humans,
who avarice for blood is as much as for kind?"
i know you shall not.disembark spirit,heart,
you are my light,the acts that played behold
my strength in me.Love you i do.Let the
world see this and laugh.Oh! spirit,
i am all and so the encore of life,
shall repeat itself,but never the same.
Though touched with irony it may seem,
the truth is simple.let the wild winds,
which blow across oceans,and the waves
that ride on them and the sun who hides
from everything as shy as a shameless monkey
on this isle and the fire which burns everywhere,
and my mother and my shield who stops
me from my next adventure and one who also
saves me -spread love.For it is all faith,love and hope.
What lays ahead is all that is.Let fear not
haunt men .let us realise the power with in.
The one which never we see,yet is tangetical
and circumferential to our lives and love.
Let us never shun any thought,let
chivalry be the code.Never should any thing
stop,for freedom is such that,it is always
seeked and never solitary.Let us all ,
yes i know i am alone,on this last
land,it may be my last stand ,
but i keep saying,let us.All i can see,
is a mere dream,but it is my clairvoyance,
rather i name it as thus.Intuitions -what
rise a man to the world,it is what makes life.
The compass may point north,but it may
not be thus.For every burning star,there
is a human.It is our angles,it is our life.
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