Wednesday, June 20, 2007

happy birhtday bloggy!!!!

wow! i can't believe this,i almost for got! it is my blogs birthday tomorrow 21/06/07!happy birth day blog! now i am sitting and writing this 20/06/07,i feel a bit of nostalgia oh ya and a lot of euphoria!!yupiee! i never knew i would see this day!thanks all for your valuable advise it has helped me,oh yes i have evolved i would what way? well guess my posts speak for themselves.

Blogoville has given me a place to express my self and share what i feel.It has helped me rather you all have helped me to improve my self and the way i put things.Love you all!hugs!!

so here goes a grand one,for my dear old blog! ya i know you have become a year old! and as i see now for the first time i am writing in a new way! love you blog,ya old thing!

it was the evening ,
as i sat down,frowning
and staring at tariq's blog alone.
it was like a new noun,
it was like a jargon
from a science compound!
then i fell on the link!
and rest is all went in a wink!
here i am on my blog's b'day,
never knew i would see this day!
all that i learnt and spelt ,
all the emotions and joy i felt!
secrets in the cyber garden,
it is fact laden,
and so so full!
damn too damn cool!
thanks all for the day,
wish i had a cyber cake,
oh! ya a drink or two,
for all those who
live here,it is my blogs b'day!
this is my borrow!
this is my swamp!

ya love ya all!
for all the things ,still
this our world,lets
share our minds,
here is mines ;)
let the world glow
and the thoughts flow
let us type each
and teach
each other,let us smile!
never is there a lie,
love ya all!!!!!!!

yupiee!now doesnt that show!!i am short of words! wow! the blog horn has sounded....i just hope more of my friends would join me:) am trying to motivate them(and you ya i know you esp,start blogging now,see i have even written about it better!before not blogging becomes a sin and you are forced to!!)

and ya happy birthday keshi!
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