Saturday, April 14, 2007

we are sorry


miles and miles all around,
the perfect view with sound.
the breath of your air
makes me fell like a heir
to the throne of nature
(the leader of all creature).
The different greens
fill my dreams
the darker shedable
make it unbearable.
To think Your end
makes me pretend
that i shall not care
but my heart cannot bear.
The laugh you give
moves people to live.
All you gave,i eat
All i do is to cheat-
Cheat you the master
and mistress of the master.
I offer your comradeship
with me and all man a whip
sharp that hurts your love,
we are cheats who try to live
by being cynical to you nature.
Yards and Yards you are left
on the planet which's your right.
WE are sorry to do this
but we are all scared of abyss,
we cleave from your mist
what we think we miss.
Oh! please save your self
we can't stop being selfish.
We love you nature but we
are humans and we need to live.

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