Monday, April 16, 2007


from the early peck on the east,
to the last second of light on the west,
the sun light filled aroma's fill
you.The bright lights of the noon will
move and the slowly the early cool turns
home.The charming and chirping birds
which left the nests for the day's hunt,
return home in the tender orange cut
western sky.The spring colours of
evening fill the world and the glow of
the sky,fills the hearts.The singing
birds and their flights clinging
on to the slowly diminishing hues
and the setting views.
The glorious moon rises form the sea
and its companions from far away see
us.The sky,is a moving blanket
and we all never think about it.
It is always there,be wind,rain,
storm or hale or any vain
mood of nature.We all fly with
it and the clouds that fill the width.
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