Wednesday, April 11, 2007

devil the god

freezing images of haunted
past from far away lands
are showered to the feet of
the flowers,the thirsty roots
suck all the water and unfreeze
it.The bark of the trees with
hard hearts,dead ones speak
of what they saw in the past.
the flowers which are dead
on the floor hunted by the
force ,pray for a better birth;
inch by inch the clouds keep
moving and haunting.the hungry
roots quench their thirst,the
lives of dead men and creatures
are read out,the thick covering
holds them, the souls which
now were tortured in the fire,
the dark viscous fire,which burns
even water.The dead men's souls
was lambasted with sauces of different
oils and salt was rubbed in the burnt
flesh,there they hung with fear of
more hellish things,the vast tree
the house of the devil,was
laughing at these's faith,it spread
the evil, which it had suffered and
enjoyed at others pain.He the devil
rose out of the seat,and appereared
a thousand other smaller ones and
the one which steared the cauldron
gave a shrilling laugh,and ay ay ay
they chanted and bowed to the mighty
devil.first a brave lion was brought
and was cut and buttered and buthered
with human blood and then sent down
the cauldron,taken out he was chained
and the hell dogs fed on him,slowly
and slowly the cry went down and he
hung over there,next up was brought
a man,he was stripped and hung up side
down,the devil kissed him and welcomed
him,he was then poked with a hundred
spears all with the damned's blood
smell hovering.the skin was then cut
layer by layer and the sea's salt run
over it.It cried and cried and pleaded
and said "OH! GOD,save me,i am thee's
son in pain,how can thee leave thou's
sons to suffer?" blew the mighty god,
i am the god, the god of earth, i am
the devil!!"and so the devil rose and
ate the man and cried the man till last.
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