Friday, October 10, 2014

Everything will be alright

There is a certain morning when you wake up,
And everything seems to go astray.
And suddenly, you can't face the world,
You can't remain unfazed. You can't
Look yourself in the mirror,
You can't look at others in the eye,
And then the only thing that seems right,
Is to let go,

To jump,
To slash,
To burn,
To drown,
To drink,
To hang,

An enticing release, a muffled goodbye,
To the world which hurts, a world which hates.

Don't. I ask you friend, not to do that.
Not because it is easy, or that would be cowardly,
But because you are a fighter who has lived till today.
We need you to solider on, to battle another day,
For we would miss your passion and your drive,
In us we find the courage to go on, in your smile.

Don't let the world tell you what is right,
Or wrong for that matter- you have a choice,
You have a right, to live life your way.

Don't hurt yourself,  for you are better
Than that. You are a battler, you are a fighter,
But more importantly you are alive,
And life is what you choose it to be.
There is no shame, there is no wrong,
Most importantly, there is no need to belong.
Forget those words, forget the smite,
Just hold on, soon everything will be alright.      

Written for World Heath Day. See @iCALLhelpline for more on suicide prevention. 
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