Monday, August 18, 2014

The long road ahead

When all you have is the long road ahead,
Not too high, not too fast,
Don't stop pedaling or rush afar.

Look around to see where you have come,
This far and far away from the places,
Yonder dark with mirthless nights,
Past those shadows, affright.

The endless search, at times maleficent,
At time, as welt as borrowed clocks-
Ticking away till you know nothing more,
Till you feel nothing else,
Till the lamp is lit, to rest.

What you don't want
Is all you will ever know*,
So free yourself to set out and go,
Beyond yourself into limits unknown.

The unwritten is more and more,
Whilst the word is passed on as lore;
There is no right, nor wrong,
Just you, and the way you belong.

The light shines the brightest

*a piece of advice from @mumbaicentral which I have found very useful of late.

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