Monday, August 20, 2012

Strange city

Oh! strange city become stranger.
Pull the blanket over your face
and tuck youself tight,
For what I wish to see is no more there.

Stranger city, I am afraid
That I do not know you.
That the loved one you were once,
You are no more.

A little you grew but  what I liked you outgrew.
Oh! strange city you have become stranger.
The ones I care for are no more here,
the people I miss are no more near.

You shoved as you took in a little,
the shore line has creaked a while
and the small town you once were-
the warmth has become hotter and hotter.

Now I cannot but think you are a stranger,
With folded hands you appear weirder and weirder.
With a flourish you have become bigger,
Oh! strange city you have become stranger.

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