Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Parceling my dreams ahead

An ever growing void-
Like the gap between summers
In the vestigial memory,
Which burns out like
The mosquito coils during storms.

The talisman, worn out by sweat,
Breaks- and you have nothing
To hold it together, no knots
That can mend a dead thread.

Overcast skies linger,
Memories of laughter,
Anger and an ebbing promise
Of better things hangs like
A mist in your favorite hill station.

Days spent staring out of the window,
Have gone away, your urge to leave,
To move away, from the city
That made you who you are;
But you hold on tight, reluctant,
Living through another day-
One more day. Again.

I want to pack my dreams
And parcel them ahead,
Hopefully, they won't be lost
In transit, decaying in a light-less corner,
Of a pest infested warehouse.

TO whom, I wonder I shall send it.
If you do get it, hold it for me,
Let it not be damaged.

The Light Shines The Brightest
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