Friday, October 1, 2010

A blanket of stars

A blanket of stars,
On an Elliptical sky,
Orion slays the Scorpion,
Why are you afraid?

Vanity, oh! present,
And in numbers dwell.
Man, the omniscient,
Clouts his own hell.

Oh! Slay the darkness,
With the past's light-
Of years unknown,
Oh! the bright star light!

Oh! the moonless sky,
Who hanged you upon the crescent?
Oh! the muses spray half of half,
And all is of one kind!

In a battle less world,
Where toils of struggle,
Churn a currency
And make the rice boil-

The silent diamonds,
Glitter on the crest,
An emblem of glory,
Oh! of some unknown God!

The West glows with pride,
The East watches the sky,
In hope, that on the morrow,
That dreams will be realized.

Oh! Petty hopes, that never die,
Of quite and peace,
And honour and fame,
All that wealth for a name-

They reflect like still waters,
On a quaint morn,
Forever moving and meeting
An end, Who knows when this began?

The virtues of pain,
The pot holes on roads,
The sullen refrain,
Who writes this thing called fate?

Oh! These stars that glow,
Yet belittled by headlights-
Oh! so young and present,
That guide- sharp and bright.

Of the pedals that turn
The clocks, children run away-
But not from the cycles,
In the clutches of chains!

Gods on the roadside,
Dealing deadly blows,
And slamming fate on foreheads,
Lest hope be so open fed and bred.

Yonder the depression,
So close and joyous,
They sail like the clouds,
All to stop a drought!

Oh! within a million wagers,
And the house takes in all,
Rocks on the floor,
Life is merely a river card.

The stars that died,
We say a silent prayer,
You have reached us tonight,
And we feel less affright.

May the winds,
Blow the nimbus,
Past the distant aviation lights,
On to dry lands,

Turn the clay black
And fill the pot holes.
A moment's joy,
Is worth this life!

For the moment,
We all live,
Past grief and sorrow,
Now we stand still.

Oh! the stars,
that show the world's might-
Guide us oh! Polaris,
Light up my iris!

As the threads leave their mark,
And the wheels spin on,
A glance out of this window,
Even as time flows.

In an unknown world,
Yet with innocent trust,
The groves of firewood,
Fostering love and good.

Hate can be held and counted,
Waved and spread,
Dealt and shoved-
But not love.

For the unseen comrades,
Form a troupe of harbingers
Of their yesterday,
To show me today!

All that is to be seen is within.
An atom is an atom's kin.
Life is the only quantum,
To make this happen.

The Light Shines The Brightest
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