Friday, September 24, 2010

I let my dreams fly

I let a dream fly,
I saw it blown away,
I waved it good bye.

A million star universe,
Those moments I had rehearsed,
Move away from me-
It is sad to see them so free.

Those imagines bound in freedom,
And Stitched with love,
Now tare away,
And push each other and shove.

The tempers they contain,
The paints that within fade,
The eternal words that crumble,
Now are let go-I'm no more afraid, 
But of fear alone.

Today, the storms gather,
To foster a new hope.
The droplets that fill,
And dilute the shrill
Voice of yesterday,
So that the will of morrow,
Grows, young and robust,
Fall into eyes that look high
And far far away.

Today, I strung my dreams
On a kite and let them fly high.
And by another it was cut-
Only that mine didn't fall,
But rose and rode away, far.

I watched them sail,
I waved good bye.

I hoped to see them alive,
One day, when the weather
And winds won't fail.

And as it saw me plunge,
The world, it renounced.

Another boy,
In a city, bustling with roads,
And skies without hope,
Caught it and stopped
It from going too far.

For a dream left alone,
Is one that is forever gone.

Nurture it my friend,
Till you can,
Let not the thick ropes
Cut your tiny fingers.
And let not those scars,
Make you feel hurt.

Grow and sail to height,
Never ever seen before.

I shall watch as the day passes
Away into the diamonds' night,

For my precious, that fled,
To know that my world is alright.

The Light Shines The Brightest
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