Friday, February 26, 2010

The fight

The fight.

And into the steam I went,
Hoping that I would emerge, whence,
I would no more be dormant.

But the world had dustier effects,
ruining my euphoria,
Damping my Utopia,
Making everything seem a hopeless mirage.

Now I close again,
And reflect. I refuse
To accept the dirt,
I wipe my face.

Me. The only constant.
I am the only one.
The rest is an illusion.

It is a question of knowing.
Of understanding.
Of assimilating.
And of acting.

Nothing can be broken,
Unless seen as tangible.
Every wall is made of cement,
Every rock is of elements.

I can let in glitter and chaff,
But I need to get closer and better.
I need to put myself within,
I need to feel the heart pumping.

Nothing is a mere object,
And no one is a mere human,
Years immeasurable have built
And through time I need to hilt.

As much as blood flows,
The songs of the universe do so.
The ubiquitous sun,
The transient flowers,
The tar roads,
And the cities' concrete hopes.

If I open my eyes
And truly see,
I will see very little.
For the horizon is no end,
But a beginning behind a bend.

I need to believe.
I believe.
I need to hope,
I hope.

That the better my approach,
Then the demons within I oppose.
I refuse to support the schisms,
I reproach the mechanism.

I am an organism.
I can touch. I can feel.
So does everything else.

Maybe that is what holds me,
When in anger I try to beseech.
I try to know,
I try to realize,
I try not to compromise.

I dream,
Of a world.
I am a dreamer.
The realistic can rule,
But they can never control,
Me or my world.

I ride between the clouds,
Above sorrow and doubts.
Neither hell nor heaven,
Neither men nor women.

I let in.
And only that sinks in.
It is a choice,
Far ulterior,
It only sings.

I am willingly lulled.

Sing to me.
I shall listen.

For a song is not about scale,
But about the order in sound.
Poems aren't about rhyming,
But about sense in arbitrary.

Let go. You fend in fear.
I try to. But I am a chemical being.
I can control, but only that much.
So I sit and watch from my perch.

I pat myself,
I prepare myself,
I shall fight again,
I choose to do so.

Ad valorem.
I lend to myself,
My gust and grit.

I shall watch.
I shall listen.

Tomorrow, another day will begin.

The Light shines the brightest
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