Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Thought

A single thought can make or break ,
A single thought can set life ablaze.

The power from with , prompts
And there begins the chain of thoughts.
An inspiration from the world,
Sets opens the dams and let flow,the thoughts.

An origin unknown but felt,
One into another they do melt,
Moving and acting ,
A catalyst in the world of reacting.

When below in a dingy brow
A spark does from nowhere show,
Within and does slowly grow
And finally turns into a glow.

It does parade and benign
The harnessed mind,
It does add grace,
To the lost face.

A thought can move a mountain
Or can build veer to the plain.
A thought can revive,
A thought can relight,

Within when despondent,
Within when negligent,
A thought does arise,
It does make you rise

And see the world filled with light
Making you forget the dark past blight.
Peace you do find, without a fight ,
You do move, for you understand and abide.

A thought felt can never be forgotten,
A thought believed in can never be beaten.
A thought will surely set us free,
There we will surely feel and see

That life is not about need,
But that you do heed,
To your strength
And will never repent.

Forever the thoughts can flow,
They shall break all that life can throw.
Never will there be an inept sorrow-
What is today , but hope of a bright morrow?

The light shines the brightest
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