Tuesday, August 11, 2009

As we talk together

The world moves a yard faster,
As we stand and talk together.
Our paths do cross here,
Between east and west,
Heavens and the nether.
Egos seems to cease,
Our spirits seem so free.
For a few moments in time’s
Infinity, we do speak -
Our hearts and our souls
Do know what they seek.
How I wish this will be forever,
Yet, our gravity is such , never
Can we stop , to admire-
For the moments we are one,
Just seem to run;
How I wish, this love which flows,
This love which is serene and joyous
Will last forever; And it does in my memory,
I return when ever I am lost and need me.
The way you move and say,
I do not need to see or hear,
But I still do, Oh! vanity,
For if i do not, I threaten my sanity.
I know I am me ,
When I see you.
I know I am me,
When within I can feel you.
I know the moment is fluid
And that it will evaporate,
But kind is this fate,
Which does give me a break,
From life’s paths ,so unkind,
So blase , so ruthless .
You are a star,
You are a girl,
You are a flower,
You are a rocky swirl.
You are the beauty I seek,
Within me , the invisible hues;
You are my sense of life,
You are the breath of feel,
You are my knowledge,
You are my thoughts,
I do not know if you are real,
For once you disappear,
You seem to be gone forever.
One day I wish I can meet you,
So that I do know, I am alive.
What if I fooled myself into living?
What if I forced myself into breathing?
I cannot face such a stark moment,
For the verses I write are too benevolent.
If not for the boxes within words,
If not for the walls of metaphors
And the sly euphemism of order,
I would be a cruel being , with a dry heart,
Where life and death both fear to be a part.
Be with me forever,
I know you cannot.
But at least give me light,
When I fail to see mine.
Give me belief,
When I am stricken with grief ,
Give me love,
When the world does shove.
What you are I do not know,
Maybe you are one, who wear masks
And crosses me again and again;
Maybe you are my angle, a guardian;
maybe I am nothing but your scion.
Show me, teach me,
And let me be me;
If not for you ,
My dreams do neither haunt
And I would certainly be lost,
In the world’s gait less taunts.
I can feel you in me,
Please do come alive,
I want to see life;
Please do appear,
Before, in darkness I disappear.
When I see light ,
I know nothing can die.
When I see you,
I know I need not fight.
When I know you ,
I know what is right.
When we are together,
The world not perish,never;
We are one,
Together under the sun.
Let this moment
Remain in me,
To remind me
And set me free.
Oh! thee ,
Now I can see;
Hold me ,
Don’t let go ,
I fear of a day
Where in I forget you ,
I fear of the night,
When I can’t see you;
And infinity cannot
Be without one or zero-
That one can be me or
Any;But more importantly,
It is you and me, together-
you are me and me you , dear.
You smile and I relish,
May we never perish.
The light shines the brightest
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