Sunday, November 2, 2008


Majestic her hands swayed,
and senses failed-
reality was lost at the foot,
of her,oh!she the cute
girl,oh!she the flower
on a sensitive plant,
who sawys.Into a maze,
she leads me,where,
the sounds of divinity,
and the odour of life
smelts me into beauty
and in it i am lost,
in the deep end profoundity.
Callous becomes my belonging
and at last there she was,
the exilir to fulfil my longing.
Within me something took over,
and nothing can stop the fervor
which made me realize that a flower
which i dream all night,
now stood in front of me-within my sight,
within my reach.

My mind decided my action,
my heart was in reaction,
at the sight of its mate,
at last fate,oh!fate
was sweet and no more bleak.
The birds flew around the skies
and such a sight ,never dies,
the balance of light
and the senseless right,
which might will never might,
for which this fight
was the growth;
and now the stunned broke
and grew to heights-
so high,so high
that thoughts couldn't hide.

A sudden push
and reality wakens
and realize,i do
that it was dream,
yet can it come true?
In hope,
i remain,
What is your name?
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