Wednesday, October 1, 2008

for yourself

A sound,a feeling,
this is the worth of a being.
Facing life,which keeps coming,
keeping time,which keeps flying.
Hours and seconds go by,
between day and night,
life scrolls along.
logical and some arbitrary ,
pleasure and misery,
growth and depravity.
Some just feel without,
some just feel within.
But what remains is haunting.
From dawn to dusk,
at the noon sun's rust,
heat and thoughts burn the skin-
you are left to wonder,
and the answers come and you shudder,
explicate pain,rawness,surrender,
you shove everything,finally joy.
A few moments of beauty,
then the clock strikes again,
and you know your effort wasn't in vain,
and that your pain,
will lead to an ultimate gain,
for you,for I.
When assured you are of only death,
that life is just about making the right bet,
and your human side is for hate,
of all you wish is to break fate.
Vintage feelings resurface,
and in some mystery you laugh away,
and then life catch's you,
and you are left to defend,
but to defend is cowardice,
and for the sake of magnanimity,
you let go and loose,
and again force yourself to choose.
But someday you will fight,
not for defending,but for your right.

The moon shone one day,
and the sun set at the set hour,
and at that moment you know,
you know that you can tare apart
and so to be free,within you see,
and a few walls you break and a few
fences you erect,so that the thorns
tare those who dare to hurt you,
and you know that you are safe.
Yet safety you begin to hate
and with some baseless cause
vanity overcome and naive,
you break everything and lie,
almost lost,almost devoid,
of life and its hell.
But something helps you wake up,
something will shake you up,
something will distrupt
and tie your wings to the ground,
the test of depression and being bound,
almost shall kill you,
but for every knot that the world threw
around you,the pain kills the flesh,
but keeps you,with a desire to live.
And so you will heal the flesh
and fight to rise up fresh.
Lest the world wins.
It is about you,
nothing else but you.
The world is through,
unless you do it for yourself.

The light shines the brightest
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