Saturday, August 9, 2008

the moon

A spot of light,far away,
reflecting the sun's rays.
As the suns sinks
you rise and shine,
giving hope,
that our system is fine.
Once in a while you are full,
and once is a while you hide,
yet we know ,you look over us,
and the tales upon you are numerous
and the inspirations draw countless.

When will you ever rest?
when will you stop to see,
that you are bound and can be free?
Or is it that you know too well,
the consequences when you are free
and understand that life is full of slavery?
Somewhere far away,
there must be an angle for you too,
and let it take you,
let it guide you,
like it has to,forever.

maybe you are an eye,
maybe you are a God,
maybe you are the harbinger,
whatever you are,
you are a spot in the night sky,
far away,yet close by,
so through more light,
on the mysteries of life-
that is all i ask you.

the light shines the brightest.
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