Thursday, July 3, 2008

a thought on unity

unity should not hurt one
and kill another.
Unity should not give up
one for another.
For in unity,
there is one and not many.
Unity is an eternal bond,
to free those in dire
and elevate humanity higher.
unity is love.
yet not full of it.
For difference
among pragmatics exists
as much as difference among
lunatics.For equality
always is maintained by inequality,
And unity by strife.

Why how will the world be if
we all were united and one?
who will get things done?
who can we fear and run?
who can get the unwanted undone?
who can poke poverty to turn into fun?
who can make the darkness shun
itself and have the best left
from the very best?

unity is not about you or me
but us.And we together need
to make it work.You are you,
I am me.So i will do what i do
the best,you do what you
do best,rest will have to fall
into their places,if not,
we will tie our shoe laces.
So if unity can solve something,
then we need to be together.
Just remember,
that you aren't the better,
so do your part,for the world's better!
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