Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I AM....

I am too kind.
for though i hate,
i love-all.
I destroy for
destruction is creation
and creation is destruction.
There is something between
those,for nothing is two but three.

I am too harsh.
For though i love all,
i hate everyone.
I don't understand the reason,
and for that destroy
whatever i created.I hurt everyone,
for by hurting,pain dissolves all pain within.
Destruction is the representation of within.

I am a human.
I am the son of man and woman,
I am the sun of humanity,
the progeny of a single thought,
masked as three yet one,I am the heir
to the throne of life.I am the human,
who has a purpose,who seeks the fruit
of success-nay it is love.

I am an alien.
I do not belong here.
Though i am from here,
my home is far away,
in the ether,beyond your eyes
can ever see.I am a bird
whos wings are hurt,
and this is the healing sojourn.

I am the ultimate.
I am an expression,from the past-
The wish of it and the futures
idol,for whom i live and believe
in whatever i do.Though i might
not know, I am the pasts'
want and another drop of salt
in the wide ocean of humanity
and wisdom,shore on the horizon.

I am nothing.
I might be an living being.
I have a life,and i move on.
yet what every i do,
will be to fill the chain,
which long ago started
and far ago will end.
I am the link.

I am me.
After all i can be only me.
Yet i search for my deeper
identity.What will I be,
if not for the search,
what will i be if not for the quest.
What i am is me,
and me i shall be.

the light shines the brightest

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