Saturday, May 10, 2008

a faithful wager

with full faith-
life moves.
and so did his.
with a love wager
he lived with
a gambled faith,
his stake
was that faith pays.

the devil's stake
was that love fails
to keep faith,
that it is bubble
to water,slave of
wind,destined to burst.

the devil was none
but him,one a faithful
hand,the other a loyal
wily,who worked the
death of his master.

quintessence was
a girl,one who was
the catalyst,the arm
of god,who would
push or pull the wager,
and will decide
if life was merrier
or shun to the horrors
of a broken heart.

as he approached,
one arm yearned
to propose,while
the other drew
the leg straight
trying to porch
the butterfly heart.

he bent down and bowed
with full might vowed
that she was his lass,
and she held his heart,
would she lend her
love to complete the
one and to shun another?

her eyes spoke,
the devil was revoked,
but not disposed,
he knew the time's spokes,
they poke,the provoke,
but in the end, leave the better broke.
time would tell,
if their's was all well,
or was it a illusive sell,
just to prove the beaten
path was not to be outgrown?

as they walked,
the devil sat watching,
the better touched laughing,
as the sun set,
everyone deep inside knew time will let.
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