Sunday, April 27, 2008

a tune inside me

there is a tune which
i can hear,something
which says a new beginning.
what it might be,
i cannot see,
i am lost in a
inner quest,
unable to rest,
trying to find the tune.
it sounds familiar,
but it is not clear,
it sounds sweet,
but not a song.

a message i seek,
i am trying to find it,
as i speak.there
is something knocking,
trying to tell me something,
what can it be?

beyond description,
beyond verse,
beyond language
and beyond everything,
it is a sign,
which keeps haunting my mind.

i am trying to be kind
to myself,but cannot
forget the vibrating
tune,which keeps
me thinking and moving.
IS it my heart,
trying to show me;
is it my devil,
trying to throw signs?

what storms approach?
what songs sing?
what is that keeps hanging
in my mind, haunting me?
meditative movements
and rapid shifts,
i keep trying to break
the chains,which stop
me from understanding
the message.Is it
lack of adventure?
is it lack off
or have i unlearnt
a known language?

in peace i wish to be,
hope i will soon see,
what troubles me.
this has helped
me,the doodling
has freed me,
i soon shall find
that which troubles my mind.
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