Monday, April 28, 2008

one life.

one soul,
one life,
one earth,
one mind,
one heart,
one kind,
one need,
one suffering,
one wish,
one LOVE.

we are in the same planet,
live on the same land,
if we unite,
and forget the various divides
thrown by time.
we can see peace,
which we always deemed
as the absolute life.
united if we live,
united we can be.

with love we can heal,
with our heart we can feel,
with our mind we know the deal,
with our need we know suffering,
with our wishes we know the need.
with unity we can give love to
those who snatched the world of ours,
we can do what we always wanted,
be in peace and live life.
one life.

why a race,
why a caste,
why a colour,
why distinguish our brothers
and sisters,
why hurt and murder
our fellow creatures?
why destroy our nature,
why disrupt our innate
valour and proud honour?

one world,
one soul,
the power of love,
pushes life,
no one can hide,
for the world is too wide,
it is time to decide
and time to revive
and time to glorify
our need and our love.

love creates
fission and fusion,
with time's assimilation
we are pushed towards
extinction,is it not
the right time,
to listen to the seas,
to see the sun and the moon,
and everything else in nature-
strewn and put together
the clues and renew
our strength to inoculate
ourselves against our
bad hand,against forces
which will beget the beginning-
the ending of human race.

with love we can heal,
with love we can steal,
we love we can strangle
the ropes which dangle
to draw an end.
unity we can fake
at least for our own sake,
at least to provoke
ourselves no more.
united- love is one.

not every drop is poison,
not every drop is honey,
life is funny,
some days are just sunny,
while others are damp and rainy.
we can change what we want,
we have altered the climate,
we together have generated
more killers and robbers
of our environment.

equality we preach,
inequality we never impeach,
it is time to impeach
it is time to beseech
ourselves and forgive
all that we committed.
it is no more about
someone in the skies,
it is about us-
we who live on this planet.

With one love
let us live,
with untiy
we can strive.
from one origin
we come,
to the same we return,
the fruit of living
lies between life
and death.

what we achieve
may not benefit
us after death,
but we can call it
the debt
we own to our land,
if not the people.
earth can save itself,
humans too should.
in the name of our race-

one soul,
one life,
one earth,
one mind,
one heart,
one kind,
one need,
one suffering,
one wish,
one LOVE.

The light shines the brightest
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