Sunday, March 16, 2008

living and destiny

past is past,
present is present,
it is left to us
to make life pleasant ,
with full of joyous

happiness and sorrow,
both we need not borrow.
everyday is another morrow,
it is left to us to throw
ourselves and show,
what we are-not shallow
but hallow.

time embeds life into itself,
it is left to us not to be a elf,
but our true self.
experience is wealth,
our mind is our shelf,
our heart our guide
and soul something too wide.

truth survives,
after many lives.
soul lives on,
untainted by any,
it is same for all,
one represented
as many.the universe
sings on,equivalent to infinity,
man's work is to break inability,
to achieve it or not is destiny.
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