Tuesday, March 18, 2008

for the good of humanity

somewhere-with no origin,
somewhere-with no margin,
a race came into beginning.

humans they were called,
humanity became a part,
insanity became the heart.

the great race,
of fame and chase,
never fails to amaze.
a beautiful face,
with unknown base,
with the ability to gaze,
into lives different ways.
progress became alliance
and failure became defiance.
everyone had resilience
and we started our menace.

ideas split ways,
when we decided to question,
what we are for-destined.
humanity became populous
and our security began to blush.
a few decided to crush
and in a rush
everything lush,
turned rust.
cynicism took over,
and our morals went lower,
in groups we lived closer,
to increase our chance of survival.
we became clever
and a few became miser-
humans were meant for exploit
why earth was meant to be spoilt!
destruction and hunger
were no more part of nature-
we upset the nature's harmony
and called ourselves humanity !

morals are meant for others,
why we call ourselves nature lovers.
no more do we allow trees to have flowers,
and with that we have altered showers.
rules are meant to be broken
and for that we are chosen
a path which will impart
a hypocrisy all in the name of
democracy! humanity is for a cause,
its mysteries are all lost.
crack the earth
and tare apart
its heart-
we fuel our desires,
we decorate our hearts,
we fail to see peace,
and breach,
our own basic needs.

paths are many
and we have a right to choose any,
but preaching and gluttony
have reduced them to penny.
was supposed be to
a great race,
when on earth are we going to mend our ways?
greenery can be only
if we are ready to see trees are merry.

putting things candidly
we have become our own enemy
we were all born to die,
there is no place to hide.
everyone can chide
but we all have lied.
nature can save itself,
for us humans to keep our dwell
we need to see beyond jewels.
we need to fill our basic need,
we are same as the weed,
but only don't have a seed,
that can be buried.
it is time to hurry.
we can't go back in time,
nor can we buy time.
ways need to forged,
and earth adored.
give up pollution
and think back about evolution.
it is time to cause a revolution
time to give nature remuneration.

together united,
unlike before where we were divided.
together united
we can make progress
we are all part of the congress.
measures we need to adopt,
to refreeze the poles,
and close the opened holes.
we cannot stop the cars
it will lead to more wars,
earth may not need us,
but we need earth,
it is left to us go back to our birth,
where harmony
was beauty-
it will be for the good of humanity.
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