Friday, May 11, 2007


oh!passion i search
for have abandoned
me.The fast and riping
verses that i chant
seems lost with out thee.

oh! drove me.
you moved me and swayed
me.Talk words which
i spoke with fire from
the power of thee.

oh! are lost.
what my heart yonder
i can't spill since you left
me.Why so?why so?
am not trusty?

oh!what verse i verbose
what was a serendipity
i feel lost without thee
and that magic feel.
where are you?

oh!you took me in
and took me far.
Showed me journeys
that were far.What
i spoke you freed.
where are you?

OH! passion where are
you?is it because i search
for thee?or isn't time not
right for me?oh! passion
i boast an ego that was thee!

oh!passion.Hit me fast
you can't do this to me.
i need you by my side
as much as the gods need
Ale.between oh between!

flow through me like
you used.Now i ken.
what a jocund clown
needs is some petite
imagine to ponder.

come !come! i can see you
rise in me.My blood boils now.
i can sense you.Fast, fast
inspire me.Give me the
solute to dissolve everything.
haste i seek,pierce me.
come come to my tips
the fast tongue and sharp
i know that you are there.

i know the fire in me.
Which you are in me.
Once i sang a monologue
to my country,now i sing
of you.Write and chant
its you i know.What leads
me here is you,and like
a true captain lead me!
oh! fire,fire aye aye captain!
on the heart side,your
port side ,shoot me!

oh!la la,i feel you now!
lets do it faster,since
i lost a battle.Fast and
shoot,impress me and fellows,
come and kick us to spurt
out your words.OH!
no sooner than now,
i need to chant, for all
that residue can dissolve
only in your spirited
words.Blast and burn
the words and leave
marks like a mountain of fire.
Cool the hearts which need
you,to live and move.

Help man,help the creatures
with no sense more.We fear
and you are the sole that can
help us thee!,We burn things,
we kill our brethren ,oh!
passion burst us through,to better
sense.What Venus and Mars are
to humanity,merely not
some burns
like hell!don't leave us now,
we need us,you are the world's
zahir.Come and spread,like a
spring's wind , the love,through
our hands and minds.Come and
move us,the brave and noble
self.All gentle we are,come
and move us.I write and write
and chant with you in me.
Come come now you are
hot.Oh!inspire me and many
to love earth and our mothers
thus- the lands of heaven which
like a ghost we roam.oh!passion
we seek you,come come.It is
musically you,fast fast put the
right sense.Oh!no sin is there
than you leaving us.If virtue
can stop thee like a man,then
across you i put many such,
which will chain thee in us,
with our mouths and fingers
as the freedom!oh dare not
leave, you are pledged to us,
dare not we are the masters
of age.Come stay,as time does
with us.Till brother time,
pays,you shall stay.Come
this world will end soon,till
then you will stay put like
a stone with mouth in us,
telling us and leading us,
aye aye captain,it is one
of many,
fly through the humanity and
till no one is left you should speak.
Bondage you are in,Aye aye!
you are the prey, come come
yeild your fruit and flow through
us!come passion!come!!
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