Friday, May 18, 2007


I feel every vibration
taken into the vast alfresco.
I stand on the tip of the
world,looking around.

It is the rapture,that
haunts me.It is the sense
i feel when i read.It takes
me into a journey of far
into another world.It is
in emotions that i binge ,
and it drives through.The
scent of freshness in the
vibrato,that are the waves
and the frills of the wind
smooth the hot skin.
IT is at such a sight
that i stood,no the edge,
which seemed the world's
end.It was the hour that
blew the wind and jumped the
tide,who shined in the depth
of the evening sun.It was at that
moment that a encore blew
through and took me to the
clouds high- which flew above
the vast hill and seas, where i stood.
It was in the spirit of music
and a book i stood enchanted
by the predators flawless
plan,to raise me thus.
As such a movement will effect
i bow to the genius,yet my
spirit's nexus with such heart
is so drawn that i float.

and thus stayed there and came
down next into the world,as the
shining stars came close by,
it was the spirits that got earth
again near,yet the tune chanted
by.It was such a music,it
was such a wonderful read,which i
rode on.As next of my views i was
shocked,for there stood,the
words each like a gigantic whale.

On the floor i stood,on heaven
he floated.With thus a passion
for me to feel inspired,i blew
my voice across humans,like
i did once.In my state of euphoria
returned the sounds that took me
in the human world to the place
which i just felt.Magically appears
the fiddle,floats from the air,
slowly the notes i touch and play,
it was my book,which i wrote,
it was my voice which it brought
i had been a loon,now i am sane,
so passionate i move,i lay the
notes,each with there own depth,at
the precise tune.It was a versatile
tune,one so such a Morzat i became.

i fill the fields and houses and buildings
with the lovely flow,it is i who out
do the high pop radio in the cars.All
stays still,like in a miracle,it is then,
they search ,but soon sink into the
waves of vibration in whom dissolves
all a worry.Like the pipe piper i play,
it is the rats that are they.They follow
like a mouse ,the musics trail
to the shore; they stand.I stand there
among them,though i am high up,
i lose my self in the symphony which
my heart and violin play.It is in the
world i stand,it is in heaven and cloud
nine i play.It is the gods and humans
who are together,for such is the power
of what i play,from a wooden bark,
comes such,which mesmerizes all and
makes them float like hay.i am one such
entranced in the words that they say.
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