Wednesday, April 25, 2007

tick tick tick!!


tick tick moves the time,
what can that??a rhyme??

"tick tick tick tick,
one a clock two a clock,
quick quick it has become
three!!knock with the circle
here he is !it is four!!so
quite,the sun is there,ho!
it is five!a little darker
now,and cool breeze fall
and the birds turn home,
and the lights come on
it is six!!whole world
is dark,except the west,
the TV is on and it is seven!
dinner is almost there and
the TV runs on a high,
it is two fours,five
and three ,two and six,
it is eight!!three-forth
up,the feast was the best
and the time for rest!
so it is nine and here we go!
and now it is ten and the
lights go off!!and the music on!
and long shadows jingle and bang
and bang a big bang it is ten!!
eleven and twelve jump and dance,
tap a foot and twist the arms,
it strikes and so it parts!!
sleep fills the hours,one,
six and seven now eight,
wake up and shine!!jump
and run,hasty chores are
done and so all the hours; start
and rest ,it is three again!!
hurry,he is there now!!
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