Friday, April 27, 2007


on the omnipotent shore
there is a single
flame.One in all of us.
It breaths in all,making
each moment as special as
others.The sketch of a year,
the skeleton like 365 days,
divided into 12 which inward
is 30 or 31 or 28 or 29 which in
it contains 24 and two sixties.
The vast repertoire of man's
intellect which gave forms to
the god and his creations is
too composite for it to find.
Each moment is savored with
a taste like no other,and a
aroma which never will be seen
again.What are we?where are we?
what is god?who is good?who is
bad?what is a virtue? oneness
is the greatest,yet we tare apart
the drawings of one we can never
master.The omniscient in all of
us helps us induce and helps
catalyse in this sojourn called
life.What is none?what is all?
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