Monday, March 19, 2007

We are one

If all were a heavenly stage,
life is a angle.If all were
hell,life is devil.Penance
of life is to reach the
zenith,the epitome of
achivements,the garden of
neither peace or violence
but the painted garden of
absolute blankness.The deep
abyss of emptiness.Stiff as
a rock on the earth it swallows
you,the vapours of a cloud,where
you begin is not the idol,where
you end and reach your hand is.
the supreme devotion to the self
the part of the unknown,the divine
energy is all kins of IT,the final
ash of energy,never the less neither
created nor destroyed is the atma,
the final stand of life.prophecy
of all lands and oceans, of fire
and sun of stars and sky shove
you to it.Searching in these you
lose your self to them and become
one.Feelings never are the skins,
they are the fond bonds of the one
with in,the illusions of it.All
layers of fire reap their fuel,
all stages of man is.The inner
strength so embeded to trust
us,is the find your
self it is better to lose your self.
To find the beauty of the master-
your another half,it is better to
lose yourself in the asthetic of
science and art.The music and dance
are the souls of freeness,that of
a floating cloud.OH! the power is
seen in all,the divine is everywhere
for you and me are one.All is a
flicker,a unique mark on the rock,
yet a rock.The path of life,
inbibitions and inocculations
are just feelings.If the sun
strikes its rays on races,
then so shall I on all.So
shall all.The stage of the
world is a huge gamble,A touch
of craziness alone leads us.
The craziness of intutions.
You and me reach the path,
together,all that falls from
the sky on earth do so,so we.
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