Thursday, March 22, 2007



A dancing star vibrates
left and right;it's constant
but truely moving away-
not lonely,it enters into
the heart and resides there
the image constant in our
mind.Though you are folded
in the bubble time,your beauty
sticks like the star to the sky.
Petal by petal,you bloom your
love through us.When a dew
hangs from your tip like
a cliff which sees ends,your
magnification intensifies
your soft yet earthly touch.
All bees be your slave to
your nectar.All man falls
pray to your striking force,
like a gale wind with lasting
effects of beautyification
of purification of joy and love.
Your mother-nature is my mother
too.I wonder why such force in
man's vast ammunition is not
indulged,why only to the you
a small speck on the peace of
earth.staleness of mind's killer

may be you,but you and i
reach the same fasting
earth.All you may portray
to the world you too hide
secrets.You kiss the earth
with long stalks of life.
All feelings felt by man
may be common to the animals
but what do you feel?if voice
were a manifestation of life,
then you seem dead.The wild
barks and trunks seem so much
like the star moving from side
to side.For all I wonder you
look at me with a serene,laughter
like odour ,the scent of peace.
If being true to reach the lap
of nature and kiss the earth
is just stare all day,duty seems
ling astrayed.Like I shine with
joy,you do with the stars light.
Like life of man,your's is.Unlike
it bubble in nature.Life's cycle
may be like the earth's movement.
but still the picture painted
with your beauty is too deeply
embeded for any man to forget.
OH!flower.i love you.
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