Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i am lost

I stand in a open way,
the sun beating the hot day.
The son of the river,
passes with a bicker,
the lantern of messages,
moved down with ages,
dissolve into the sea-
the selfless sea.
alone i stand in a vast
shore with a surge of past
hitting me hard.The horizon
is faraway beneath the sun,
i am there lost in it,the son.
The spirits of decades and
centuries past all haunt and
move inside,deep within,
waking me a claudron of sin.
I search for peace
i feel lost in this beach,
the water meets below
it beats with love.
In a mood i am lost
to the thoughts.
Never have i felt so lonely,
in the vast earth so tunely,
run by me,the mighty,
the the holy.
Let the ages of time
have moved me
to a unearthly ghost
me the supreme host.
solitude is a experience
life is a convinence,
i am the divine am lost
lost in the unknown past.
who proposed these all
-all that made me fall.
What reasons desends me into
the the empty shore-too
like me,lonely and scattered
-who is this humbug-god?

i was thinking about these two posts from priya and hrushita :-

odd in crowds
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