Tuesday, February 13, 2007


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I am a waterfall.
I fall from the sky
deep into the soil
hills and sands i pass
feeling my self roar past
forests and graves to the far
of never land.Wind and I
brothers of nature brush apart
and drive through the steeps
filled i become with vapours
from deep within a mans heart.
I am a waterfall i reach the plundge,
I see a deep fall into a absyss past
a flicking rocks deep in to the newerness
into the journey to the far of neverland.
I am made of all the watery might of hills
streams of me together i become one.
I see you in awe of me,but you dont no
I fall and rise,i come again and again from
the sea and search again and again
for you my lost love.I reach home and
find you sleeping and snoring away.
I am a waterfall let us go together.
I am a waterfall let us rise higher
and higher.I am a waterfall let you be you
and me be a waterfall,let us travel faster and
faster,i will meet you oneday,remember
me the waterfall you saw.

I DON'T NO what inspired me to write this now.

note:this is the first time I am directly writing a poem on the computer(usually i write it on paper and then publish it).

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