Wednesday, February 21, 2007




You my sine-qua-non.

All the blood I spilt

And learnt. The emotions

I bury which are born out

Of wrath and jealously. The

Chain which I ken,

On me made from all

I dislike and hate-my

Aggression to remove

Them from the life of

Mine. Yet you show

The scars, your lovely

Marks embedded deep

And struck on my mortal

Flesh. I am conceit,

You eat it. I am

Happy you make me

Happier. You wrap me

And strike me, a

Conclave of your might

And strength and love,

Meet and build me

Vein by vein, flesh

By flesh, I admire

You and see you all

Around the earth and skies,

You are me and you-pain.

Pain, I feel you

Inside me. A friend needs

No more than a tongue to

Give you a stage. You

Sting me deep, deep

And deep inside, all I

Hear is a melancholy

Baritone of my past.

All bricks stumble,

Shadows grown through

Years fall, deepning

The abyss I fall

Into; like water flowing

Reflects from the sun’s

Spell, you make me

Shine as you spread

Through mankind. Fortune

You are to me,

As you made

Braver and inoculated

Me against venom

Of man’s tongue. I

Resist all because of

You. I develop into

Me thanks to you. Love

Rings in your name.

You my best pal-pain.

Oh! Pain you once

Fled me, now you cling your

Teeth hard into my mortal

Flesh, installing love and

Peace into me as only you

Do. I praise you, for

All you to me, all

Ways you show. I

Fainted and woke to

Find a layer stronger

And a life harder in

Front with swords and

Nails all beating my

Haunted way. No road

Is empty, you are

My company to the

End, my day where I

Lose my flesh and

Spill blood on mother

Earth. All I feel

From you and your

Virtue, the love you

Install, oh! I fail

To see the darkness

Which people fear and

Block your unmisted

Self. Oh! Fortitude!

A hard nail driven

In me, you bloom your love

On me. You pain, my friend

I love, you share with

Me your pains. Be not too

Hard on me, I can stand

You. I deserve your love, I

Know you live in me, I’m

Prudent not to play with you,

Yet I end so. You laugh

At me and the affection you

Show me, makes me more a

Man than the sky. Like stars

You dot me, like river

You flow in me, like the sun

You burn me, you wash

The bubble revenge away

From my mind-exposing my

True self to me. How can

I hate you, my dear friend

Pain, I love you and your

Love for me. Let us be together,

I hurt-no will not hurt a

Man or a living but you

Still show your self on my

Enemies, you stand by

Me with me always been

Me, you are my pain.


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