Monday, February 19, 2007


Here is something fun.Harsha and I wrote it somewhere last year.For lighter moments.Enjoy!!



If god didn’t create humanity,

Or if humans didn’t discover creativity;

If god didn’t make descendants,

Or if humans didn’t make advancements;

If Doyle didn’t create Homes,

Or if Da Vinci didn’t paint the Madonna of Rocks;

If Wordsworth didn’t see daffodils,

Or if Ripper didn’t feel the thrills;

If Milton didn’t feel paradise,

Or if Socrates wasn’t wise;

If Gama didn’t see far,

Or if Alexander didn’t fight a war;

If Wright didn’t fly,

Or if Galileo didn’t see the sky;

If humans didn’t like beauty fairs,

Or if Romeo didn’t love Juliet;

If cupid didn’t have arrows,

Or if evolution didn’t result in chirping sparrows;

If Newton didn’t discover gravity

Or if Einstein didn’t propose relativity;

If Goldstein didn’t discover protons,

Or if all these people didn’t cross thorns;

If India didn’t discover Abdul Kalam,

Or if mathematics didn’t find Ramanujam;

If Raman didn’t create his effect,

Or if Indians didn’t have British effect;

If Bush didn’t ambush,

Or if U.S.A didn’t push;

If heaven didn’t rise above hell,

Or if land didn’t rise above sea;

If Walt Disney didn’t make Mickey Mouse,

Or if Marie didn’t become Curie’s spouse;

If you didn’t live to die,

Or if Yuri didn’t fly to touch the sky;

If waves didn’t rise,

Or if Blair didn’t tell lies;

If flowers didn’t bloom,

Or if men didn’t gloom;

If Lincoln didn’t read,

Or if slaves didn’t heed;

If Hitler didn’t hate,

Or if Topolav didn’t checkmate;

If Bradman didn’t bat,

Or if Superman didn’t fetch the cat;

If it didn’t rain in Spain,

Or if Agassi didn’t groan in pain;

If Picasso didn’t know hue,

Or if Poirot didn’t have a clue;

If Maradona didn’t score,

Or if the fans didn’t want more;

If Federrer didn’t serve,

Or if Becks’ didn’t curve;

If Bell didn’t invent the phone,

Or if Madonna didn’t have a good tone;

If the clock didn’t tick,

Or if the mouse didn’t click;

If Americans didn’t punk,

Or if Jordan didn’t dunk;

If bees didn’t sting,

Or if earth didn’t cling;

If the stars didn’t twinkle,

Or if Edison’s brain didn’t tickle;

If Buddha didn’t meditate,

Or if Gandhi didn’t dedicate;

If Tagore didn’t denounce,

Or if man didn’t pronounce;

If Franklin didn’t fly the kite,

Or if Magellan didn’t see the site;

If rocks didn’t weather,

Or if birds didn’t feather;

If I wasn’t I,

Or he wasn’t he,

We wouldn’t have written this poem.


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