Wednesday, July 26, 2023

The Forever city

Suffocating, Struggling,

Strutting along,

Huffing and puffing

In the heat, and rain,

A moment is too precious to lose,

The now lasts forever,

Lest the money drops

And the rents raise,

The meters recalibrate

To tell, you aren't enough,

And there's another to take your matchbox

With fire within, and a hunger burning

To conquer all that's in front, and behind-

A forever jungle of hidden dreams, and varicose cement.


An assault on your senses,

An invasion on all you know,

A dichotomy reclaimed from itself


Where no one has a moment-

A second isn't enough to earn a living

And you need more than a vision-

For all you can see is the concrete or the sea;

An innate urge to live,

To be,

Thoughtlessly driven,

A mind without knowing its own exhaustion.


A city that breathes, as it chokes,

Counted and counting,

Pumped by dopey fumes,

Jacked by vitamin M,

Deluded by its own grandeur

Growing and growing

Till all it sees is itself.

Parel or Vashi,

You can stand at a point of no return,

With some hope,

Peer at the sea

And still think you are here,

In this city, endless,

The forever city,

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