Sunday, May 26, 2019


There are your dreams,

And then there are mine,

But all I wish to know is ours.

Let me see the stars twinkle in your eyes,

And the ocean sand between our toes;

Let the summer moon cast its long shadows,

On us, and

           Our footprints on this silent shore.

To hold this moment forever— 

Misty car windows, and a slow patter rain,

A wish-lash,


We close our eyes and blow.

Rowdy parakeets on a summer noon,

Chillies, and mangoes,

The sunglasses cannot hide

The laughter in our eyes,

The joy in our words,


In the tip of our tongues,


This is our now—

Hand in hand;

This was our yesterday—

Silent whispers of hope;

This is our morrow—

The stained leaves at the bottom of the cup know.

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