Monday, June 5, 2017


Tell me my name,

So I never forget.

Remind me who I am,

Lest I become someone else.

Tell me our love,

Hold my hands and never let go.

Let me look into your eyes,

To find my better self, evermore.

Tell me your name,

In whispers, slowly.

Let us abandon,

The measured tenses of coerced civility.

Tell the clocks to forget us,

As if the night has no memory.

Let time stay afar to watch,

This moment that lasts as ours.

Tell the world to look away,

We are but shadows in sway puppetry.

Let us search for a star light,

A shimmy a'small on the twilight.

Tell no one who we are,

Lest they try to find us.

Let us remain as we are,

Unbound and limitless.

Tell the infinity to hold itself,

A'life of calm till it becomes breathless.

Nothing remains but us,

An ode to our Amadeus.

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