Thursday, June 30, 2016



Does it matter if it s a ship or a city?            

From up here, they are just a clutter of light,

Floating in the nothingness, of a moonless night.

I lay back and watch the sky,

A blanket of stars, giving way to morning light.

olin vazhiyo iruvidham,

Kanin alavo etinadooram.

(The way of light is two

Your eyes can see till their reach)


Shimmering lights that fade away,

Memory, a treason to the past,

Carried along from afar,

To further away, and away,

Till we no more know,

If it is what it was.

Whence it began, we now see, there

The day we were born, is still untold,


Somewhere we are the future,

Waiting to be seen alive,

The crosses and 'O's

A drama drawn on velveteen yore.


The darkest night is a gray in hiding,

I search not for the white, nor the black,

But them both- fair's not worth more

Than the deepest unknown.

And a shade of Gray, and another,

We are but effervescent bubbles of life;

And life, which we are, but know not-

A quest far Grayer than memory, or the night.

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