Thursday, November 12, 2015


My deepest desire is to let go, get tipsy, and laugh with you.

Just us, you and I, alone, 
                       the world held back by the walls we have raised through our dreams, in love.

In love

Nothing more, nothing less, 
just the intimacy which only souls in eons of togetherness can make.  

I want to hold you, hug you, squeeze you and not let go;
                                                             till you push me away, breathless 

and we laugh together at our silly noses.

No thoughts to harbour, no words to bind the unsaid whispers.

I want it to be never ending, you and I, holding hands, knowing that the other is there.

That carefree laughter, 
unafraid of  life, 
untainted by the foibles of civilisation, 
unrestrained by the                                     nameless-formless.

That would be the day I come alive, and no one but you will know me, as I am.

I wait. 

The art of patience isn't waiting for the right moment, but knowing which isn't. 

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