Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The narrative

It doesn't take a morning
To find what you wish for the most;
It just happens.

But you got to believe,
It didn't just happen;
You are special, unique.
In this world of infinities,
Something adds up to this-

Me, mine, myself.
Else, what is the point?

Your self-worth is all you have;
It is your mask; it is you.
You will fight to hold on to it.

You got to preserve yourself,
This is your providence.

But is it so?
Look up at the world.
I don't ask you to care-

But think,
As all this is just happening,
You could be gone right now,
Without a sense, a reason.

You crave to leave an imprint.
Did you? Will you?
Look at the ruins of humanity,
Scattered; dilapidated emblems
Of forgotten heroics, in repair.

You are as significant as you want,
Not as the world tells you;
Only to yourself.

Be lost in the stories,
But don't lose yourself.
Remember to enjoy the narrative,
For you are the lone listener.

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