Monday, December 2, 2013

For Morrow

Whispers, whispers,
Breed not a conspiracy.
Whispers, whispers,
Spread not an ignominy.

A petty candle that conceives shadows;
The hours limber away in recesses
Left by those that were filled with hope.

Whispers, whispers,
Stay put in your voyeur's delight;
Whispers, whispers,
Show not your face with ugly fright.

Dream not of roads that do not bend;
The arc innate shall chip away,
And lead you into a turn,
Again and again, yet again.

Whispers, whispers,
Remain unsaid among men,
Whispers, whispers,
Stay away, go back whence.


Deep despair of those days, 
When the sun is at those angles,
Rather too acute and beautiful,
That you wish to hold on, anyway;


Close your eyes and take a step ahead,
Morrow is a million miles away,
The night too young to be tainted by the day.


Whispers, Whispers,
They haunt, the prowl,
Whispers, whispers,
The day seems a hard shroud.


Dare, dare, dare,
Be brave, look past the despair;
Fight, fight, fight,
Punch again and again.



Hope, else what?

The Light Shines The Brightest

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