Sunday, November 20, 2011

Where the four roads meet

Where the four roads met
On a silent Saturday night,
There was no honking,
Only flashing headlights.

The stray dogs slept
Under the twisted road signs,
With shadows of neon lights
From pharmacies of all night.

The garbage of the day,
Spun in frilling patterns;
The chocolate wrappers,
Shimmered deep into the eyes.

The few trees stood eerie quiet,
As the fire burned still, cooking rice;
Plastic cups strew around the bins,
A crisp smoke rising from tired lips.

Crumbled dreams, abandoned,
Lurk in the eyes of drunkards,
While wheels of frenzy, screech
As the road takes a sharp turn.

Sirens in the distance,
Hurry away to rescue
Anything of that dream,
You had when you were a child.

Sirens in the distance,
Approach to patrol,
The by-lanes of parallel roads,
To check the dark recesses of your life.

The park stood in a collected breath,
Waiting for the sleepless crows
To cry one last time
And then to fall again to a nightmare.

The djinns prowled in vapours,
They caressed the dead,
Took away the heedless souls,
Possessing anything that could be.

Beneath a pale moon,
Glasses rang in collision,
As words, hugs and handshakes,
Sealed friendships, never to part again.

Where the four roads met
On a silent Sunday night,
There was no honking,
Only flashing headlights.

The Light Shines The Brightest

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