Saturday, August 6, 2011

The sledging reality

The sledging reality-
It refuses to go away.

The bright face with brilliant eyes
and felling laughter, the brows arch perfectly.

The turnstiles keep rotating,
They seem to grant access to the past.

The glass doors break the words,
But not the emotions within.

The eyes give it all away,
The hands clasp the mouth in disbelief.

Abeyance. The wicked fate of relationships
Founded on belief and tacit passion.

A faint sense of irony; Clenched fists;
Yet the yearning, for that comfort.

It refuses to go away,
Those words with the burden of having to mean.

The mesmerizing eyes, which clasped
And dragged, with blood dripping, into a dying sun.

In the dreams, in every waking moment,
With that unknown joy and pain, they look on.

The sledging reality- 
It refuses to go away. 

The Light Shines The Brightest

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