Monday, March 14, 2011


Possessed by hunger they sat under a tree,
As the crowds gathered, they vowed,
They swore, that things won't be dirty.

Petty hopes and many a lives were given,
For long to protect a monarch, a kaiser,
A leader but today oh! for whom?

The hunger, the hunger, it drove, them all away-
The king, his horses and his men and yes! even a diamond!
But then a man drew a line, joy turned to sorrow.

The people, the people,
They fought the wars, they got raped,
Their temples were ransacked and dignity hanged!

By blood, they divide us, by colour they do,
By religion, by caste, by place, by language, they do,
But aren't you my brother too?

Oh! today, we are petty numbers in a statistic,
One invisible dot on an elliptical curve,
Moving towards infinity or Zilch.

Fate, capricious, sways,
Fueled by lust, power and hate.
Oh! and then money makes sure nothing creaks!

The tiny black mark on a finger,
All too willing to be rubbed away,
Yet for years, we wish, oh! so belate!

Tardy, the promises have expired,
And so have the gray breads and walking sticks,
All we have are white clothed men and a parimutuel parliament!

Here a fraud, There a murder,
The estates are four and they all seem like whores!
Oh! The sensors and censors, blood drips on the vernaculars!

There are a few who are so high and mighty,
That the stoned asylums refuse to be taxed and bothered,
Everything is a miracle, there it is all gone, in the blink of an eye!

Someone, close my eyes, ears, mouth and nose,
The monkeys, the monkeys, oh! what they do is really gross!
No more, can I stand or sit, I am numb and at the end of my wit!

Someone, you sir please, you madame please,
Can you turn down the volume and not honk, okay? Please.
Two birds, sat on a wall, one was arrested and the other harassed.

Children look so beautiful and young,
Oh! the waitress, she is too pretty to be!
Nasty, nasty, but the Gods can't see in the dark!

Dear country, who are you?
Neither by blood or love are we one,
So stop not me from what I have begun.

Every bridge is a whip crack on your back,
Every road is the blood flowing, vain.
Every belief, is just a sedate.

Pass the salt and the Swiss cheese please,
Who cares if someone dies hungry?
The economy, volatile and precariously free.

Freedom redefined, you can do all you want-
Except all that you can't. Neither can you work,
Nor study- pay money, even if you don't have any!

The system baked like idlis,
And boiled like innocent chickens,
Always ready to be bought and eaten!

Close the doors and lock them
And be ready for the thieves-
They wear ties or dothis and smile invariably!

Beware and be aware, any second now,
There will be a knock on the door and your head,
Hope our sympathies are by you , truly felt!

They still sit under the tree, hungry.
They say no more and wish for no freedom,
They swear not, Orwell called them proles.

Oneday, something will stir and there will be no room 101,
But then, who can ever get past catch 22,
Or wake up from a midnight's dream as children?

Ray, Roy or Rashid are neither too bold nor brave,
They stare at you curious and hopeless, anyway.
Are you afraid, raise up your windows please.

Thank you, for this free speech,
Which is worth less or so it seems,
One day, though someone will redeem.

Beware and be aware,
Know who is who,
And what you want will go through!

The Light Shines The Brightest
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