Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The clock no more bothers

When you no more try to out do,
But decide to just give your best,
When you are willing to go the mile,
And with a smile watch the sunset.

Between the sparkling neon lights,
And the roads with potholes,
Turning and shoving in a hurry-
To an unknown place.

Bearing no grudge,
With nothing as currency,
Past the bellowing traffic,
Into the lanes of today.

Past parks with slides and see-saws.
Past the dark cul-de-sac,
Into the road that meanders away,
Leading to places, known and otherwise.

Thoughtful and hopelessly merry,
As each stride eats up the decadent tar,
Hope and belief are no more gnarled.

Haunted houses lost to family feuds,
Enchanting laughter under the wayside tree,
Beggars and sports car whizz by,
The rupee's worth is of a kind.

In the clutter-clatter and the viscous din,
Feet by feet, the legs in rhythm cover.
Under the pecuniary passion and around
The valveless labyrinth, I move.

Towards somewhere,
But care, now I do not.
When the day begins at midnight
And never ends,
The clock no more does bother.

The Light Shines The Brightest  
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