Friday, August 13, 2010

Where did you learn to let go?

That breath which you hold,
Shall see the skies today.
That surge of oneness
Shall make your day.

For what is this?
Why are we afraid?

Unknown barriers in our way,
Spasms of hate,
From somewhere ricochet.

For how long can you hold on?
Why should you be forlorn?
Why should this be forgone?

For a system,
We make and grind away;
We nurse our rage
Into madness
And our thoughts we repress.

Memories and memoirs,
Mirrors and white moons,
This can't end so soon.

Like a pendulum,
Chagrin and restless,
Everything swings
Betwixt extremes,
All in hope of being free.

An inner peace, serenades,
Something keeps you ablaze.

A stitch of fate,
A shroud of haze,
That light behind the overcast skies,
Has a tint of that peaceful glaze.

Where did you learn to let go?

The Light Shines The Brightest
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