Thursday, March 25, 2010


Those old emotions,
Arise and live again.

The cloudless sky, breaths,
The sun nonchalant beats.

Hope and despair,
The stars are hidden.

The search for myself,
And the value of life.

The need to hold on,
The want of many small things.

There is no avarice,
They are mere wishes.

What can a plant in a desert do?
Except wish, hope and live believing.

You can be robed in glory,
Only if the world wants so.

The placards say and show,
Yet they are not the road.

Words can prick and poke,
Yet they cannot build castles.

You can love winning,
But never can you win love.

Air doesn't escape a room,
It is omnipresent after all.

The bricks on the wall,
Shield or block, as you think.

The voices are heard,
Because you fell them ring.

Mirrors, reflections-
Your eyes reflect your life.

And nothing can be forgotten,
Nor should you try to.

But neither be a slave,
Be a harbinger to the future.

The water flows,
Dirt sinks to the bottom.

Purity is at heart,
The mind just works on,

It draws, it finds,
It just moves on.

For every word spoken,
I become a second older,

At every emotion,
The path grows greener.

The beginning is a memory,
And I have no compass.

Fact or fiction,
The end is where I stop.

I am a warrior, I trod along.
But I am a poet, I draw upon.

Be my strength, build me.
Be my valour hold me.

Oh! spirits of time,
Yonder sallies from whence?

The rigid face bears a smile,
What lies beyond the visage?

Yards of incomplete thoughts,
Leak through a fortified heart.

The grounds beyond are fresh,
The rains alone can thresh.

And they ricochet by the heat,
Induced by currents, free.

There is something beyond everything,
We are but a part of something.

The song, carries on.
The clarion, marches on.

When the old awakens,
It is time for the new!

As the grounds feel the heat,
The dews bid adieu!

From sorrow, grow the beards,
By verses they are sheared!

Neither here nor there,
For for the airs now forebear!

Somewhere a ray left long ago,
Now it shall reach, strike and show.

The light shines the brightest
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