Friday, January 15, 2010



I have to wake up and fight,
I have to try and feel the right.

Winds can either be for or against,
But it depends on the direction, whence;
We can face or walk along,
And that's known, when you see right and wrong.

The sun shall rise,
Forever. And so should I.
I have a heart, a conscience,
Act I should and never let it to depend.

So I stir my emotions,
And redraw illusions.
The broken walls resurface;
Assumptions, again form the base.

I carry my grit and perception,
I walk towards alleviation-
Of the past, as it was
And for a future with a cause.

And this shall go on,
For a while, as long.
Water can defy gravity,
By losing it's liquidity.

Walls, boundaries, can move,
But a set field is needed too.
Air I breath,
And that is what life needs.

Fresh and alive,
Oxygenated and right.
And all this rose.
For right now I chose.

Again I will,
For I have the will.
Nothing remains still,
And so I will move the still.

The light shines the brightest
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