Friday, December 18, 2009


From this unknown height,
Below, I see a matrix- life.
Moving on, along,
Seemingly forever,
Never to end, never.

Men with smiles,
Children with curiosity,
Women with emotions,
All part of a continuum.

A formless master they serve,
What is all this, where did it emerge?

On the verge of a passing,
Aroused, effortlessly moving.
Through the vertex of being,
Through emotions and feelings.

I descend,
Upon the shores of this though,
Into this vast, borderless mass.

Forever, might life go on,
On the basis of right and wrong.

I seek, something alive,
Something past mere sight.

I look, I wish, I want to feel
That thing, which keeps it real.
In a possessed way, surreal,
The world does converge here.

Inhibitions and desires,
Ape and smith want the hands
Of every jack, but cruelty,
I lack- I possess not.

Yet how to bring to life,
What I see? I wish to see reality.
So oblique and proponent,
Lacking the wrath and vengeance.

I see faces, I see humans,
I see insects and birds-
Animals and fish,
Causes and causation,
All for procreation?

I digress,
I am obsessed,
I am caught in a web,
I cannot but try to see
Beyond my sight,
I cannot understand poetry.

I lack the spirit,
I am a despondent being,
I seek that, which lacks a face
And time is of this cruel race.

Blood oh! blood,
Oh! my kith, universe,
Do awaken me,
Show me, what I need to see.

Spare me, of the pains,
Let pain and guilt, be upon
Themselves and not the world.

I can see no more
Than the winds,
I fail to see, the obvious.

In my body, I seem bound.
Where is my ability, one so profound?
I beg thee, Oh! do release thine juices,
So that every rime will be of mine.

The music seems far away,
Songs seem to lack strength,
I am not a captive to my dreams
And whatever the rest maybe,
Does fill what I see.

Terrible, terrible, world, it is.
Of men who rape
And women of sharp tongue.
Children without homes,
And Gods crying foul.

Through the lenses,
Which ones showed me hope,
I can only see despair,
I am a ruler, who watches a play,
Where his rule is called frail.

Is this the shadow,
My light? Is this what
Can be seen in your shallows?

I was too deep?
Then, give me back my storms,
I want the tyrant, who blew me here,
I demand a war, I want his blood-

Foul being, fiend,
Which drew my zest,
And made me see mankind.

From my preach point,
I once saw me,
I thought all was at peace.
But the idiot I am,

I forgot to test my blood,
Oh! corrupted it is,
By its own sleuth !
But even it fails
To draw my emotions.

I heard a lass once,
She sang a million names.
And these million years,
Was I lost in those namesakes?

Has my very life, rotted?
God, they call someone
And who ever he maybe,
Has seized their hearts,

And in a land where,
It no more rains
And memories fail
And crimes hail,
My blood cannot sail.

For it does die and come alive,
Within me, It is formed
And so does it end-
My marrow,
Forms its own tomorrow.

But where am I now?
I see dry lands, deserts
And a few cities, my cold
Ways have melted
And the snow is filth,
The green is now rags,
The blue has not a share,
The minds have seen ware,
And the Earth is about to tare.

Oh! when did I inherit this
From myself? Why oh! wise
Soul, did you fonder?
Your follies, have stolen
Your own dreams,
Why the song indeed,
Has left you breathless
And in your mesmerized eyes,
I show thee, a world left,
With specks of unrest.

Can you save anything?
Can you salvage, if not pride,
At least one of your kind?
All seem to have passed,
Or, this your mere grave?

Are you one buried,
With these as dirge gifts?
Are you a Messiah?
Dear lord, be praise
On you, I curse my vanity.

I seek clarity.
The music, goes on.
Make me feel,
Move me, let tears tear,
Through the path of dust,
Let the heart beat and kill
The rule of cobwebs
And those witless years.

I push and pull, I try to cool,
I try to agree, that the world,
Is me, it is what I perceive.

Maybe my lenses are tainted,
I try to polish them. Maybe
This atmosphere doesn't suit them.
Should I climb the highest hill,
Or should I return to whence
I came, turn a blind eye,
hear not the cries,
Of those who die?

But cruelty, oh! is afraid of me!
He likes that man, who has anger,
He causes that woman to tear,
He makes the child to fear,
He rules, oh! through his
Works, fear and guilt,
Pain and heartless-
Die I want to tell him,
But I believe in mercy.

Words, do rise,
Stir me, hold me,
Guild me. We are a guild,
Come comrade, lead me,
Oh! stir the sounds,
Let us befriend the winds.

And from that, let us stir,
The cauldron, let us, open,
Let new blood fill, the hearts,
Let justice be born,
Let the flower see it's grass
And smile as it decays
Under its future and then
Grow to form the world!!

I am a man.
I have a wish and a passion.
Yet is this my chosen path?
Up and down are directions,
The world is a relative mirage,
And thirst can form water,
But it cannot drink it, for it
Will cease to exist.

So too I can I think of a world,
But cannot live in it.
But if not today,
Then I shall be born again,
Or so I dream.
But if this is on perception,
Then I shall be so born,
Of another of me.

If only I can hear joy,
If only, I am the plant,
That flowers, so that
I can see my own joy.

But, aren't metaphors
And benign smilies,
Of that from this plane?
I fail. I cannot understand.

Or so I think. What if I do know?
I ask, I ponder my brains,
One of this place too.
But if cycles are what they are-
Then maybe I can stop-
At that which was the beginning.

I have a light and nothing more.
It shows me, but leaves shadows.
I move it, to see them and another
Appears as quickly as it disappears.

I hope, I can fuel this light enough,
To show me the eternity.
I start by seeing the sun,
He does rise and revise
His path, long trodden,
Yet he knows, his energy,
Does revive and rekindles life.

When I can speak the same words
To the same person again,
I know the world has an end.
But till then, I know the shores,
Might exist but are too far away.

And my imagination and cognition,
Fuel my hope and ramify
And invoke the passage,
That verse, which purges,
From my path, the obstacles.

I go on, learning, numbers
And words, all arbitrary,
Yet constants of this reality.

Within, my blood, my spirit
Does guide, even in darkness
I hope I am not blind.

This height maybe beyond
Comprehension's reach,
But that does not mean,
I need to impeach,
My dreams and beseech
All those who dare,
To try to reach.

I solidify,
I vaporize,
And as I close my eyes,
The music is music,
For another million years,
Eternity is so defined.

It is one that shall go on,
Till it does and that will never
Cease, for who knows what lies
Beyond that? After all who is
Your God's God?

All is fair part,
We do last,
In the sands of time,
In the grains of universe,
In the atoms of the beyond,
In the nucleus of the precedent,
In that ultimate, whatever it maybe.

But if nothing is?
I fear not. I am not guilty.
I take no pain to sign,
That truth is simple,
It is so- one too complex,
To been seen between complex
Things. So form, is resultant,
Of our mind and sight-
Shape and height and depth,
Can be blurred to eyes that have wept.

The joy is endless,
And whence despondence
So rises, Joy so lets it,
To see its own beauty.
But in that, we shouldn't be lost,
Or our hair will become unkept,
Our mane will become a mess.

Every energy so possess and is possessed,
And it shall move on through the veins
And the fine arteries and through the airs,
Creation, procreation and evolution
Will be formed from its strength;
Till one day all that is does come together,
And one is all that exists.

Who is your fair master?
Who is your creator?
I ask them,
That moment does beckon.

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